From age 7



From age 7

Language of the game :

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Aim of the game

  From 2 to 6 players.

  From age 7.

  Made sustainably in France.


In Clue Me In! – Sea World, players try to guess the right word with the help of 5 fun and educational clues. Be the first to collect 6 cards to win. Will you be the fastest to guess the animals, phenomena and other wonders of the marine world hiding behind the Clue Me In! – Sea World cards?  Once you have won the card, you still need to prove your skill by tossing your token across the board to win (or not) more Clue Me In! – Sea World cards…

Further information

Weight : 0.21 kg

Size : 11.0 x 15.5 x 3.5 cm


80 illustrated enigmas

1 Rules of the Game

1 Game board

1 wooden pawn

Download the rules of the game

How to play?

When your turn comes, read the clues on your card out loud one after the other. The other players have to guess your word as quickly as possible. As soon as one of them thinks they have found it, they say it out loud. If the word is right, they win the card.

The player who finds the correct answer must then prove their skill by tossing a token across the Clue Me In! – Sea World board: depending on the area it falls on, the player may (or may not) win more cards.

The first player to get 6 cards wins the game of Clue Me In! – Sea World. 

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