Want a game like you?  Bioviva offers you the chance to create your own custom game or to personalise one from our range especially for your brand / label!


Custom Games

Bioviva - Jeu sur MesureBIOVIVA - Jeu sur Mesure Playa Playa

We can create a 'tailor-made' game starting from 3000 pieces ordered.

In the content: (theme of your choice: nature, animals, farm, horses, science, space, history, waste selection, energy, food, etc...), in the form: (card game, board game, box, educational kits, corporate in companies, soft packaging, mini packaging, etc ...).



Personalized games

BIOVIVA - jeux Personnalisés - EnigmesBIOVIVA - Personalzed games - Viva Montanya

  • Insert your logo on the facing of an existing game (puzzles or challenges) starting from 500 examples.
  • Total personalization of the facing, starting from 1000 examples.
  • Total personalization of the facing and creation of personalized cards, starting from 2000 examples.

Anyway, do not hesitate to contact us so we can discuss your project (our expertise is offered)!


To find out more, do not hesitate to download our Presentation Brochure of personalized games.