Bioviva Foundation

Bioviva Foundation aims at educating children around the world who are in a situation of exclusion, through fun and educational tools, fostering self-respect, respect for others and respect for life with all its diversity.

Children all over the world have the right to learn and to have fun... therefore to learn whilst having fun.

Jean-Thierry Winstel, Director - founder of Bioviva

Our educational programmes

Based on collective caring and intelligence, our programmes and tools are easy and playful, multicultural and independent and deal with practical skills (reading, writing, counting, hygiene...) as well as social issues (peace, the environment...) essential for the future of humanity.

The value chain

Bioviva Editions creates programmes and educational tools and makes them available to the Foundation. The cost-price production is funded by businesses, individuals or private donors. Distribution to children and families is ensured by our NGO operational partners.

Our first project "Nature for the Future"

Intended for migrant children, the game aims to give them moments of joy and shared pleasure through card games on their favourite subject: animals. 

The first batch of 50,000 games are being distributed to reception centers
and refugee camps in Syria (Nour Foundation, Bee NGO), in Turkey (Anne Méclisi)
and in Lebanon (SOS Chretiens d'Orient).



They were financed by a crowdfunding campaign that raised 30,000 euros from private donors, and partner companies.



Our aim is to reach the amount of 500,000 euros allowing the distribution of 1 million game boxes and this, thanks to a 'company / staff 'principle' operation (1 euro donated by a member of staff, is matched with 1 euro contributed by the company).

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