Our mission

As a subsidary to Bioviva, Apigo creates and develops entertaining and innovative tools for training purposes and raising awareness aimed at companies and professional organisations.


Generators of commitment and collective intelligence

Apigo offers the companies its "know how" in pedagogical engineering to make the keys to strategic vision accessible, modern and engaging,

Our promise:

  • A rich and collaborative experience from design to delivery.
  • An original, proven and efficient method, "3A": (assimilate, absorb, act).
  • A result that creates enthusiasm
  • A commited and motivated team


Specific creations available to everyone:

  • Performance Kit for Entertaining Meetings for the agile manager.
  • Kalissa, a game for training in food security for the quality manager.
  • Gamathon, co-creation of entertaining and innovative personalized tools.


Contact: Benoît Fortineau

Apigo - Création et développement d'outils ludiques innovants de sensibilisation et de formation.