French Origin Guaranteed

All our Bioviva games are manufactured in France and labelled 'Origine France Garantie'!

Made in France' is all good

Good for the environment, good for the local employment.

Manufacturing in France permits to promote short production chains, to reduce transportation (less pollution) and contribute to the preservation of local employment. This is also what responsible consumption is about.

Created in Montpellier: Concept/ Prototype/ Writing / Creation / Graphic design etc...

Manufactured in St-Paul-Trois-Chateaux in the Drome region: Eco-design / Printing /Storage / Assembly / Logistics

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All Bioviva games are eco-designed and manufactured in France


The label "Origine France garantie" is delivered by the 'Pro France' association and is certified by "Bureau Veritas Certification". 

It is a guarantee of trust and traceability: It certifies the origin of a product, guaranteeing that the product was manufactured, assembled and put together in France - and that at least half of its added value is made in France.

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