Our Team

Based in the South of France, under the Montpellier sun, the Bioviva team is made up of 20 dedicated and passionate people. Each and every one of them identifying with Bioviva’s values, with a common aim to offer you educational and fun games that respect Nature!

Jean-Thierry : Founding Director and enthusiastic player

Christine : Director of Human Resources and Operations

Cédric : Commercial Director

Frédéric : Communication Director

Annick : Marketing Director

Michaël : Development Director

Mélanie : Administrative and financial director

Benjamin : Customer accounts manager 

Stephanie : Customer accounts manager

Ghaïs-Victor : Export sales manager and customer accounts France

Thomas : Sales major accounts France and export

Alexandra : Sales Administrator

Robin : Digital Project Manager

Matthieu : Marketing and Events Project Manager

Jelena : Communication Manager

Igor : Project Manager in Development / Game Design

Raphaël : Project Manager in Childhood Development and Environment

Honorine : Project Manager / Writer

Adeline : Project Manager / Writer

Corinne : Graphic Designer

Andrea : Graphic Designer

Amélie : Graphic Designer

Margaux : Graphic Designer

Léa : Social Media Manager

Julie : Administrative and Sales Assistant

Emilie : Administrative and Accounting Assistant

Anas : Sales Intern

Emeline : Educational Range Project Manager

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