Our Team

Based in the South of France, under the Montpellier sun, the Bioviva team is made up of 20 dedicated and passionate people. Each and every one of them identifying with Bioviva’s values, with a common aim to offer you educational and fun games that respect Nature!

1-Jean-Thierry: Founding Director and enthusiastic player

2-Annick: Marketing Manager and dynamic player

3-Frédéric: Communication Manager and outrageous player

4-Rémi: Social Media Manager and connected player

5-Julien:Sales Representative and compulsive player

6-Valentin: Sales Representative and strategic player

7-Ghaïs-Victor: Head of Commercial Exports and international player

8-Astrid: Marketing Director and established player

9-Mélanie: Administrative and Financial Manager and cheerful player

10-Christelle: Sales Manager and tough player

11-Michaël: Development Director and relentless player

12-Elise: Project Manager and committed player

13-Ève: Project Manager and responsible player

14-Jelena: Junior Communication Manager and conscientious player

15-Emmanuelle: Commercial Assistant and determined player

16-Adrien: Project Manager and pixel player

17-Corinne: Graphic Designer and artistic player

18-André: Commercial Director and word player

Emeline & Camille: Absent on the picture, but are now back! Respectively: Project Manager and ad-libitum player, Account and Finance Assistant and juvenile player.

Olivier: Sales Representative and professional player: (new at Biovia, and will surely be on the next picture)

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