Our Mission since 1996 : be good

To yourself, to others


personal achievement by conveying the following through our games:

  • notions of companionship, discovery, sharing and fun,
  • recreational and educational content that’s accessible to everyone and allows us to get to grips with issues linked to protecting the environment.

Commiting to:

  • distributing the greatest number of products whilst guaranteeing the best quality-price-ethics relationship,
  • our working collaborators' quality of life and well-being, for a more human dimension to the company.

...To the Planet!

Convinced that respect for the planet must be part of a global and long-term approach, we have always made sure that our activities have the least possible impact on the environment.

From the outset, all our Bioviva games are eco-designed. That means: 

  • Using cardboard wedging in our boxes instead of thermally moulded plastic, thus avoiding the use of non-renewable resources.
  • We use plant-based inks and wood and paper coming from sustainably managed forests.
  • We avoid over-packaging in the game boxes, (eg. By using stickers instead of classic inner wrappings).
  • Optimising the format to reduce waste paper.
  • We don't use batteries.
  • Choosing our suppliers and our raw materials carefully (paper, cardboard, wood, inks, dyes and varnishes) as well as where they come from to cut down on transport.

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