Bioviva Planet - Seas and Oceans

From age 8


Bioviva Planet - Seas and Oceans

From age 8

Language of the game :

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Aim of the game

Goal of the game Bioviva Planet - Seas and Oceans

✓ From 2 to 4 players.

✓ From 8 years old.

✓ Duration of a game: 30 min.

✓ Made in France and eco-designed.

With Bioviva Planet - Seas and Oceans, discover the four corners of the globe and share your emotions without moderation!

Discover amazing photographs and bet on the reactions they will provoke in other players.

So, ready to play Bioviva Planet - Seas and Oceans?

Principle of the Bioviva Planet - Seas and Oceans game:

The game is played in two rounds. In the first, players use their deductive mind to guess which photo their opponent is thinking of, based on a word.

In the second round, players bet on how many words they will use to make other players guess their card.

The player with the most points over both rounds wins the game.


Observation, intuition and strategy are at the rendezvous!

Further information

Weight : 0.44 kg

Size : 13.7 x 18.0 x 4.0 cm


72 cards on both sides

1 rulebook

48 "Word" labels of double cara

How to play?

A player chooses a word from among the words spread out (e.g. “tenderness”, “speed”, “beauty”...) and associates it with a photograph from among the 25, also spread out on the table. He keeps the identity of the photograph secret. The other players must try to guess, from the chosen word, which photo their opponent is thinking of. They therefore place their pawn(s) on the photo they think is the correct one. Players who guess correctly earn points. Be careful, if no one manages to guess, the player who chose the photo loses.

Each card is double-sided. On one side is a photograph (animals, plants, activities…). On the back of the map, you will find the characteristics indicated by pictograms (“spectacle of nature”, “threats”, “science and protection”...) as well as an explanatory text to better understand the photograph and what it represents. Perfect for learning while having fun!

Each player chooses a photo and a word in turn. Sharing of emotions guaranteed!

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