Bioviva Planet Pack

From age 8


Bioviva Planet Pack

From age 8

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Aim of the game

Discover our Bioviva Planet package:

✓ Composed of 3 games: Bioviva Planet Seas and Oceans, Bioviva Planet Jungles and Forests, Bioviva Planet Sky and Space.

✓ From 2 to 4 players.

✓ From 8 years old.

✓ Duration of a game: 30 min.

✓ Made in France and eco-designed.

✓ Composed of 2 games: Bioviva Planet Sky and Space and Nature Space Challenges.


Bioviva Planet games take you, through incredible photography, on a fabulous journey to discover the seas and oceans, jungles and forests, as well as the sky and space!

Games to surprise, without moderation!

The rules of the three games are fully compatible, so it is possible to play with the cards from one of the three games and the rules from the other games in the set.

With this pack, get three Bioviva Planète for the price of two!

Further information

Weight : 1.32 kg

Size : 13.7 x 18.0 x 12.0 cm


How to play?

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