From 12 years old



From 12 years old

Language of the game :

Multi: FR - EN - ES - DE - IT - NL

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Aim of the game

✓ From 3 to 10 players.

✓ From 12 years old.

✓ Duration of a game: 15 min.

✓ Made in France.



"Waddayasay?" takes you back to the time of Cro-Magnon… And more precisely, to the beginnings of language! The tribe meets to decide which words to use in the most unlikely situations...

Use your imagination and come up with as many ideas as possible from random words given by the dice!

Misunderstandings or dubious allusions, will you be able to make yourself understood?

Be careful, you will split the stone!

The principle of the game:

The players make up the tribe. After 3 dice have been rolled, they try to find the word or expression that will please the tribe the most! Players then vote for the best idea. The player who earns the most Victory Points wins the game!

The + of the game: An advanced rule proposes to integrate a special die to create even more incredible situations (for example: miming the words found, inventing an expression that does not exist…)!

Further information

Weight : 0.18 kg

Size : 11.0 x 15.5 x 3.5 cm


1 rulebook


9 wooden dices

60 stickers in 10 different colors

1 cardboard character

9 speed tokens

12 victory tokens

How to play?

At each turn of the game, a player is designated Guide of the tribe. For the first round, the oldest player is the Guide.

The Tribe Guide rolls 3 dices chosen at random (among 9 dices with words). He reads the top side of each die aloud and then steps aside.

The other players try to find a term or an expression from the combination of words obtained (for example: smell + smell + strong = "Cheese", "My feet!", "Neighbour's dog"...).

When a player has come up with an idea, he grabs the Speed ​​1 token and secretly tells the Tribe Guide his idea. The second player who finds an idea takes the Speed ​​2 token and also tells the Guide his idea. Likewise for the following players.

In “Waddayasay? », you have to be inventive and original, because the members of the tribe then vote for the best proposal. The player with the most votes wins a Victory Point.

The game ends when each player has been a Tribe Guide.

The player with the most Victory Points wins the game!

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