Nature Challenge Books - Friends for life

From age 7

Nature Challenge Books - Friends for life

From age 7

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Aim of the game

What would the anemone do without the clownfish, the giraffe without the oxpecker, the wolf without its pack, the lion cub without its mother... Some protect themselves, move together, others share their food, warn each other of dangers, and sometimes even live in the same house! Because with the animals, it is not necessarily the rule of the strongest!

Some do not hesitate to join forces to help each other, they form teams or tandems where each serves the other. And if each brings what the other lacks, the associates have every chance of remaining friends for life.

A documentary with exceptional photographs, on solidarity, cooperation and fraternity in the animal world!

Offer exclusive to

This game purchased = 1 FREE Nature Challenges poster.

The version of the poster (Bottlenose Dolphin, Red Panda, Toco Toucan, or Bengal Tiger) will be randomly slipped into your package.

Further information

Weight : 0.67 kg

Size : 29.0 x 23.0 x 2.0 cm


80 pages

How to play?

Nature Challenges - Friends for Life is one of the games for which a Nature Challenges poster is FREE.

Bottlenose Dolphin, Red Panda, Toco Toucan, or Bengal Tiger, which poster will I receive with my game? Surprise ! For each game concerned by our offer, one of the versions of the poster will be swiped randomly with your game.

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