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"Animals of the world" Pack

From age 7


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"Animals of the world" Pack

From age 7

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Aim of the game

Come and discover the animals of our planet with this pack featuring three Nature Challenges games and one Enigmas game! 


 From 2 to 6 players for the Nature Challenges and Enigmas games. 

From age 7.

 Length of a game: 20 min for the Nature Challenges and Enigmas games.

 Made in France and eco-designed. 


This 'Animals of the World' pack contains:  

 Nature Challenges - Americas 

 Nature Challenges - Asia

 Nature Challenges - Africa

 Animal World puzzles

Further information

Weight : 0.54 kg

Size : 10.0 x 20.0 x 3.5 cm


How to play?

Nature Challenges : 

All the players have their cards face down in front of them. The player who starts the round looks at the first card in his pile and chooses the feature of the volcano that he considers to be the strongest. The other players look at their first card and state the value of that characteristic. The player with the highest value wins the round.

The first player to collect all the cards in the deck wins the game!



The cards are placed in a pile in the centre of the table to form the deck. The board is placed in the open game box.

Each player in turn draws a card and looks at it face down without showing it to their opponents. They announce the theme of the card (e.g. remarkable sites, natural phenomena, geography, etc.) and then start to say the clues one after the other.

The other players try to guess the word as quickly as possible. As soon as one of them thinks he has found it, he says it out loud.

Has the player correctly guessed the word on a green card? He wins the card!

Has the player guessed the word on a dark blue card? Then he must use his skill and try to aim at one of the areas on the board using the wooden token. They then apply the effect of the area reached by the token (e.g. spell out the word they've just found, name the 3 previous cards played, etc.) and may (or may not) win more Enigma cards!

The first player to collect 6 cards wins the Riddle game!

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