Bioviva Junior

From age 5


Bioviva Junior

From age 5

Language of the game :

Multi: FR - EN - ES - DE - IT - NL

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Aim of the game

3 challenges, all using images, inspired by the original Bioviva game and adapted for ages 5 and upward. Through miming, challenges and location tests, younger children will have fun while also learning about the animals that live on the Earth’s many iconic regions!
2 to 4 players. From age 5. Made in France.

Further information

Weight : 0.57 kg

Size : 17.3 x 15.0 x 7.5 cm


128 cards

1 puzzle board

4 boards "Natural Environments and Continents"

4 pawns "drop of water"

3 wooden dice

1 sheet of stickers

24 « Viva » points

2 pawns

Download the rules of the game

How to play?

Go off and explore the world to discover the incredible richness of the Earth through three challenges from this educational and fun game,full of twists and turns.

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