Yummy'Nature - Who eats What ?

From age 3



Yummy'Nature - Who eats What ?

From age 3

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Aim of the game

Goal of the Miam’Nature game, who eats what?

From 1 to 4 players.

From 3 years old.

Made in France.


Animals crave a good meal. Help them find their food!


How to play ? The snail, rabbit, mouse and squirrel are hungry. Together, players try to fill at least two of their pantries. To do this, the players move the animals from tile to tile along the paths to find the food corresponding to each of the species. But beware of the lurking predators and the falling night... If two pantries are full before nightfall, all the players have won!

Further information

Weight : 0.44 kg

Size : 20.0 x 20.0 x 6.0 cm


1 educative booklet

28 Tiles

16 Food tokens

4 Wooden Pawns

4 Pantry Boards

How to play?

Bioviva's "RecréNature" collection contains 4 simple and progressive learning games (with two levels of rules) to accompany children, from 3 years old, in their discovery of the living world. In the cooperative games "Yummy'Nature", "Sortin'Nature", "Growin'Nature" and "Hidin'Nature", everyone wins or loses together. A fun and original way to discover one's self-help skills! Each game can also be played independently with a self-correction system allowing the child to check their answers.


The collection was developed with children, parents and early childhood professionals.

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