From age 5




From age 5

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Aim of the game

✓ From 1 to 6 players.

✓ From 5 years

✓ Duration: 20 min.

✓ Made in France and eco designed.

In the “Wikoti” memory game, children ages 5 and up help families from the Sioux village to reach their teepee before the end of the night. Cooperation, memory and cunning will be your best allies to win! Wikoti grows with children with rule levels for all ages. The Wikoti game contains an illustrated poster to discover how the Sioux Indians lived.

Wikoti is a game by Erwan Morin, illustrated by Aurélie Guarino.

Further information

Weight : 0.45 kg

Size : 27.0 x 27.0 x 6.0 cm


16 Sioux Game Pieces

2 Moon Game Pieces

4 Slumber Game Pieces

4 Danse Game Pieces

1 Fire

1 Wooden Coyote

4 Wooden Logs

4 Teepees to Build

1 bison and 1 rock (for decoration)

1 double-sided poster

How to play?

In Wikoti, children help the Sioux find their teepee before the fire is extinguished. The object of the game is to reunite a family under each teepee!

Players flip one of the tokens around the fire. Depending on the returned token, they apply the corresponding action.

✓ If it is a “Sioux” token, they choose together which tipi to place this Sioux under and lift the tipi to see which tokens are already there.

✓ If the raised tipi does not contain an identical “Sioux” token, the player places the token face up under this tipi.

✓ If the selected teepee already contains an identical “Sioux” token, the player places the token face down around the fire and removes a log from the fire. The fire decreases in intensity, the end of the vigil approaches a little more each time a log is removed...

✓ If it is a “Dancing” token, players join the Sioux to dance with them around the fire! They get up, dance around the table, then sit down again in a place other than the one they occupied before the dance. Will players remember where the Sioux sleep after switching places?

End of the Wikoti game: the players win the game, all together, if each tipi hosts exactly one Sioux family. They lose the game if a player removes the last log from the fire before all the Sioux find their tipi.

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