Cue Me In Junior – Nature

From age 5


Cue Me In Junior – Nature

From age 5

Language of the game :

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Aim of the game

2 to 4 players.

 From age 5.

 Duration of one game: 15 min.

 Eco-designed and made in France.


With Cue Me In Junior – Nature, children from age 5 try to guess which natural element is hidden behind the card through 3 clues in the form of words and images. 

The players then demonstrate their skill by throwing the token onto the board to try and win more Cue Me In Junior – Nature cards!

The first player to collect 6 cards wins the game!

So, who will guess the hidden words the fastest? Find out by playing Cue Me In Junior - Nature! 

Cue Me In Junior – Nature has:

 80 illustrated enigmas to be guessed!

 3 illustrated clues per card!

 One game board!

 The perfect game for travelling or playing alone, thanks to the adapted versions of the playing instructions!

Further information

Weight : 0.17 kg

Size : 11.0 x 15.5 x 3.5 cm


Rules of the game

80 illustrated enigmas

1 Game Board

1 Wooden Pawn

How to play?

The cards are heaped in the middle of the table so as to form a pile. The board is placed in the open game box. 


In turns, the players draw a card and look at the answer at the bottom of the card. They then slip the card into the card cover so that only the first clue is visible.

The other players try to guess the word as fast as possible. When one of them thinks they have guessed it, they say it aloud.


If nobody guesses it, the leader pulls out the card to show the second clue. And so on for the third clue.


Did a player guess a blue card word? Then they must show their skill and try to target one of the zones of the board with the help of the wooden token. They then apply the effect of the area reached by the token (e.g.: the player wins the card in play, the player wins 2 cards...) and can win more “Cue Me In Junior – Nature” cards!


The first player to collect 6 cards wins the game of Cue Me In Junior - Nature

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