Ani'zoom - Disneynature

From age 5

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Ani'zoom - Disneynature

From age 5

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Aim of the game

Keep your eyes open; even at night!

In this observation game based on speed, you need to be the first to spot the animal that’s being hunted on one of boards, which you can arrange any way you want. The games can be constantly renewed and the game is even more fun with 4 different card types: “Animals”, “Babies”, “Zoom”, and “Nocturnal Animals” made in glow-in-the-dark ink, only visible through a black observation box!

2 to 6 players. From age 5. Made in France.

Further information

Weight : 0.83 kg

Size : 30.0 x 23.0 x 8.0 cm


1 booklet

6 trays

192 cards

96 « Animal » cards

32 « Small » cards

32 « Ani’zoom ! » cards

32 "Nocturno" phosphorescent cards

6 pawns

1 nocturnal animal observation glass

Download the rules of the game

How to play?

Through beautiful pictures, discover the incredible diversity of the animals on our planet. Be the first to find the animals and recognize their little ones. Reverse the game thanks to the "Ani'zoom" cards and challenge the other players to identify the nocturnal animals with the observation glasses.

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