Current offer

Zero Waste Family – The Game

From age 8


Current offer

Zero Waste Family – The Game

From age 8

Language of the game :

Multi: FR - EN - ES - DE - IT - NL

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Aim of the game

2 to 6 players. From age 8.

Eco-designed and made in France.


250 ideas to turn a game into reality!

 3 types of hilarious challenges! 

 A 3D zero waste house! 

 Inspired by the best-selling book La Famille (presque) Zéro Déchet - Ze Guide.


In Zero Waste Family – The Game your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to become Zero Waste Heroes! Zero Waste Family – The Game lets you discover best practices and begin the Zero Waste approach, step by step, as a family. Can you avoid the traps and adopt the right Zero Waste habits?


Via 3 funny, off-beat tests (challenges, questions-and-answers and hazard quiz), discover Zero Waste and share your tips to take action and say goodbye to waste.


Insight, speed and strategy will be your strongest allies to win!  Who will clear the most waste from the trash? With Zero Waste Family – The Game, your trash should start to worry…

Further information

Weight : 0.93 kg

Size : 32.5 x 24.5 x 8.0 cm


Rules of the game

1 Game Board

1 3D House

6 boxes (piece)

2 movement boards

6 character tokens

30 "Waste" wooden cubes

128 cards

6 "ladder move" tiles

3 "Ask about the program!" tokens

2 "Forbidden Place" tokens

2 removable ladders

1 Wooden Dice

How to play?

In Zero Waste Family – The Game, players explore a  house in 3D and try to reduce as much waste from the trash as they can. The game unfolds through 3 types of trials:


Trial 1 – Quésako? : players answer “zero fuss” questions to get Zero Waste tips. For example: straight from a Nordic country comes an initiative known as “Plogging” consisting of: a. Sorting your rubbish while singing / b. Picking up rubbish as you run / c. Cleaning a beach backwards. The answer is: run around collecting trash! 


Trial 2 - The challenge – on your marks : 2 players face off in a heated duel! Be the first to find a real object in the house. A good opportunity to learn how that object is more or less compatible with the Zero Waste approach! 


Trial 3 - The challenge – who has the last word ? : 2 players try to list as many good practices as possible. The player that does not falter wins the challenge!  

So, are you ready to take up the challenge with Zero Waste Family – The Game?

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